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The Rosicrucian Teachings that inspired the writing of these books began around 1997 in Australia. The eucalyptus infused air, low mountains, and ocean breezes wafted into the soul of the author Tazo. Being 'down-under' meant to him he could see into the very depths and roots of the things above - literally the earth above him. And so the book The Secret Teachings of the Lost Land of Eden - Rosicrucian Mysteries Revealed came to be especially love by many around the world! This book has all the qualities and charm of an authors 1st book too! And it took 7 years of editing by Laura Turner to get the phrases and conceptions to 'stick together'. Those final touches were the 'strokes of magic'!  You can get this 1st book (Free) and study with Tazo with a Rosenkreutz Affiliate Membership - Get Your Today!