See Lecture 1073 The New Mysteries in the Christian Era and the Self
Astoundingly good content, especially the Rose Cross meditation on the "fire-y version". As Dylan said "right on target, so direct" (Tangled Up in Blue) Excellent recommendation for a newbie student, especially for someone who's already meditating.

About Series 035 The Seven Pillars of Sophia

How can one begin to contemplate what resides within? Do we search for reflections of what we perceive in the confines of our perceived reality? How do we even know what we are looking for? How can we gauge what is imagination, programming, and what is spiritual wisdom?

Do you have a solid understanding of the seven pillars and how they work within you?

If you are perplexed about where to start, what to review again, or if you are just starting on your alchemical journey...I highly recommend this course. It has whispered deep within the abyss of my Akashic field, and I am rising to new divine wisdom.

Blessings and peace.

About the Mysteries of Mary Magdalene

Having studied about Mary Magdalene for many years, I was skeptical about what I may find in these lectures. Would it go against what I've learned so far? The answer is no. Eugene took everything I knew and expanded upon it, enlivening the information with spiritual insight that can only come from true communion with the spiritual world. I found my thoughts soaring, heart racing and soul nourished as I listened to 0531 and 0532. If you have any curiosities about Mary Magdalene, her gospel, her role among the disciples or her relationship to Jesus and ultimately to the earth and heaven then please listen to this series. The depth of knowledge teamed with the life giving breath of spiritual wisdom will leave your spirit full. I have not finished this series and it is my first at the Rosenkruetz Institute, but I will most definitely finish it and enjoy many more. Do yourself a favor and learn about this remarkable woman and her role in the world as we know it.

About 054 The Beloved Disciple of Jesus

054 - The Beloved Disciple of Jesus was such an incredible lecture series! If you are a student of the Spirit that is interested in the esoteric Christian teachings this lecture series is an amazing lecture series to begin that journey. These teachings were hidden and have now been made available to us here at the Rosenkreutz Institute for the first time ever. I have learned so much from this lecture series. Contained within this lecture series are many of the now available modern spiritual science teachings for the student of the Spirit. As it was taught to us in this lecture series, the knowledge has not necessarily disappeared, but what has been absent in all previous teachings is how to work the knowledge in a specific way in order to help us develop as students of the Spirit. These modern spiritual science techniques include: working with the artistry of the soul, the secret teaching of the aetheric fire that was handed down by Christian Rosenkreutz to his most intimate pupils, how to create and work with the forces of love, how to work with the fire and water forces of the soul, the secret teaching of the Philosopher's Stone, the secret teachings of the sun and moon, and much more. I hope you choose to take this lecture course as I did. You will not be disappointed!

About Series 055 On The Fairy Tales of Novalis and Goethe by Sean Kaiser

"The Time is at Hand"! Oh, students of the spirit if you're reading this review there is a very special and specific reason you have ventured this far... Cross this river... cross this threshold with us as companions and understand why this lecture series is so incredibly important. The esoteric secrets of Geothe's fairy tale "The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily", as well as the Novalis fairy tale "Klingsohr's Fairy Tale" have been hidden until now. The lecture series "055 - Secrets of the Fairy Tales of Goethe and Novalis" was one of the most incredible lecture series I have ever taken! This specific lecture series will be for me to be one of the most unique and utterly amazing lecture series I have taken at the Rosenkreutz Institute. There was such a unique blend and patterning between the Goethe and Novalis fairy tales that Eugene was able to accomplish. These two fairy tales answer both sides of the same mystery and not just mystery as in a singular form, but mysteries, for there are many contained in these two fairy tales. In this lecture series is made available some of the deepest and most esoteric secrets for the modern student of the spirit. This lecture series is a key to unlock those mysteries. Only an esoteric spiritual school can reveal mysteries like these. I think this lecture series is so incredibly important for all students of the spirit to listen to. There are secrets hidden in here that are specifically relevant to the female student of the spirit, as well as the male student of the spirit. This would also be a great lecture series for a couple to listen to as well. Once you take this lecture series you will find out why... If you have ever been interested in the secrets of the lotus flowers and your spiritual development you will find many of your answers here too. Secrets of the latent aetheric fire and what develops this mystery is contained in this lecture series as well. I have only briefly touched upon this amazing lecture series, but I hope you can feel the excitement in my words. Please take this lecture course! It is so amazing and we are all so lucky to have this lecture series as apart of our school.