Learn about the Invisible Bodies: 

Learn the Spiritual Wisdom of in Foundation Classes about our Four Spiritual Bodies (Physical Aether,Astral,and Ego). These are Esoteric Studies in the Traditions of the Masters (East and West).

Unlock your Personal Potential through Clear Intelligence! Tazo's Spiritual Science System will bring pure spiritual clarity into your thoughts like you've never experienced before! Tazo has taught 100s of private studies for over 30 years. You will love the knowledge and the Teacher!  

Tazo's work is for special people like you that want sweet and beautiful knowledge, with clear and easy to follow instructions to achieve healing, transformation, and go the deepest spiritual levels of the Cosmic World. Learn love, and harmony, stability, and restore inner vision and vitality of being. Your soul will learn to self heal and calm itself. Stress is the #1 problem of modern man, and spiritual knowledge takes care of all the stress. 

Tazo's spiritual light classes will dispel the darkness, and melt the fears and anxiety and replace the soul space with Harmony, Clarity, and Spiritual Intelligence. Tazo's Spiritual Science system leads to the creation of higher spiritual sense organs. There are instructions for advanced students to learn to create spiritual powers to see and feel into the deepest and most subtle realms of the cosmic worlds.

  1. Healing with the Spiritual Bodies
  2. Spiritual Self Consciousness 
  3. Modern Thought Meditation 
  4. Power Exercises for the Soul 
  5. Soul Tuning and Frequencies
  6. Planetary Modulations
  7. Soul Frequency Therapy 
  8. Secrets of Love and Esoteric Knowledge

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