September 2017 —

Eugene Passofaro September 1, 2017

Secrets of Music and Musicians for Healing and Spiritual Advancement

A Workshop on Healing Music in the Oxygen Spa Sound Chamber with Master Flautist Eugene Passofaro, lecturer at the Rosenkreutz Institute, and author on Rosicrucian Alchemy, will demonstrate the healing powers of music.

Discussions and demonstrations and a live music concert performance too. You can't miss this event!

Limited seating so please reserve early!

Workshop Tijuana - Saturday December 9th 1-5 PM
New Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Sound Healing.
Learn simple but powerful principles of sound healing
in the Oxygen Spa's Meditation Room.

Performance and Demonstrations reveal unknown facts and insights that only musicians have for Sound Healing Learn Simple Techniques used by Musician Artists that can be shared with everyone!

For Relaxation, Pain Release, Breathing, Stance, Balance, Concentration, Quick Response

TELEPHONE USA 858-206-0179 or Mexico 664-686-5083

If you need a shuttle service we have that available from San Diego.
Grand Hotel BLVD, Agua Caliente 4558 Tijuana BC

WORKSHOP PRICE : $50 Reserve your place Here