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Home Page for, home web site for the story of the Creation of the World in Poetry, History, Science, and Philosophy, Psychology, and Mythology. The story of the world in a format and a unique and stimulating artistic creation by Eugene Passofaro. Discover the deepest and most poetic work of the ages!

Eugene Passofaro, a professionally talented musician and trained in classical music having attended many universities spanning eight years, born in Minnesota, USA and traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, presents this amazing library of audio downloads, books, and CDs. The audio studies are grouped into theme subjects and comprise usually 12 audio studies. Students from around the world have enjoyed and studied this work. These audio studies can be taken as on-line classes where one can see interactive study notes that expand the concepts and people text and words to access an online encyclopedia of information. A great adventure awaits all who take the time to study this work! The best way to start is to email us at , get on our mailing list, and make a free account here. Also visit our on-line school at

Here I am with Patricia Bragg in Santa Barbara August 20th, 2017

Music of Flautist Eugene Passofaro