What Is Spirituality?

Many people wonder about Spirituality. What is it?

So what is spirituality? It is the power of change, whether from within the soul or from nature, or an event.

Others are convinced they know everything about it. That can be something very limiting, for when one looks into it, spirituality is about change and learning about what makes it happen, or if it is good or bad. This can be tied to events too, such as illness, health, love, or war....friends, or aloneness. All things in the external world, and in yourself is determined by your perception of the spiritual nature. So it is a very wise thing to learn to love spirituality and knowledge together. Then we can better navigate and absorb, and make choices, and best of all to see and do whatever gives us the power to rise above the physical world and go into the realms where the soul is free and clear of all that binds it to the earth in a tormenting way. This is not actually easy, for consider that each age offers new possibilities to fall into the world, and ever deeply too! And so new methods and techniques to stay clear of the 'pits' and the 'falls' of the world need to be continually updated and disseminated to students and friends of wisdom and knowledge of being i.e. being spiritually so to speak a being of 'higher' spirituality through knowledge. 


Changing the paranoid behavior to a settled and confident, to perhaps even powerfully organized and stabilized person with a firm foundation that stands strongly upon the earth and is immovable within to anything other than what is essential. Our character comes from knowledge of the soul and spiritual that has an even greater elemental power within us, to move us than does, shall we say, the wind, or fire, or waves of the ocean.... non of these are as powerful as the soul to move or torment, or give agony, anxiety, suffering, or release into peace and serenity....and new worlds never before dreamed, and the dawning comes of the reality of imagination and higher wisdom and the vision of the power and potential of it for our own self creation and the world around us.

As far as people friends, relatives, known or alike, strangers or foes, all are determinable and conform to the power of the nature of the soul. And to master our self and others too? Does it have to be a secret? Can we share it?

And in knowing it? To share it with those that will to work together for some perceivable good beyond the grasping of religions or others that use knowledge to enslave and sway others out of fear and anxiety for the present or the future.

Why do we want to study spirituality?

We study spirituality because we want to see patterns of things and learn in a predictable manor, what we can do to alter or accept outcomes. Consider that we would be very upset if we were waiting for a tow truck to fix our flat tire but had no idea when they were to arrive. When we know when they will come we can also ascertain if they are late and something else is wrong which needs our attention too. does this sound complicated? Yes, and no.

We can, in most situations, much better handle stress and anxiety by knowing about things. There is a comfort in this. But knowledge has a dark side too, it is simply this, the more we know the more we need to learn to handle it.

Knowledge is our greatest friend and ally in a world where we need knowledge in order to surpass and succeed in life. And some wish to pass above and beyond everything of the world too! And that means this, knowledge is an ever and ever greater mystery, the more we know the more we know we don;t know enough! Not even a whole life-life is enough for all the things we sudden become aware of what we can do with our own self in regards to transformation, health, physical and mental, nearly everything transforms when we know exactly what to do, or the steps and the orders of things. The sky is the limit! The potential is beyond everything we ever imagined before, and continues to become ever more rich the more we feed our soul with the light of Knowing, of true Knowing.

These are the inspirations behind the lectures and courses we offer here at www.audiblewisdom.com Please check out our amazing studies, enroll in a course if you haven't done so yet! For more than 20 years I have taught people around the world how to open the soul to new and fresh ideas that stimulate the mind to look within or without. In either way, the soul begins to see through the fog and the dawn of another earth and world appears before the inner eye. Come and join me on a path and quest for new ways of seeing and walking upon the earth together. Spirituality is about the ingredients that make us to change from within. Let's learn about these things together and share our ideas with others in our school.

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Eugene Passofaro

Last update: December 16, 2020


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