The River and the Channel

October 10, 2022

Friend Tazo

People are asking: Why does Tazo use the word Channel to describe his Lectures? What is a Channel?
Is it a spirit ..of a person, angel etc? Or Something else?

The answer is this: The Channel is the Path of the Stream.

But What does that mean?  Knowledge is a Stream like a River is a stream.
Just like a River has a name, so does the Channel has a name. There are long Rivers and short Rivers, and some go here and some go there. The destination of the River is known, but to find the Source of a Great River is a Feat. Why? Because a Great River twists and turns, and can have its source from any or a number of Mountain Heights. It flows to Jungle at one time, or a Valley or a desert, or in multiple places, and all can be hundreds it not thousands of miles from each other! Such is the mystery of the Greatest of all rivers - the Great Nile river which is 3500 miles in (estimated) length. 

The consciousness of the River is also One Mind with Many Places, and Full of Life and Death, Creatures, and Wisdom. To find the Headwaters of the River is a journey, and includes changes in time.

Not all explorers agree on the Source of the any great river, for the source can change through the coming of new rains from any new mountain height. Some say it is in one Mountain, others may come and find a new path cut on another Mountain! A Spring Rain in any nearby Mountain to the River change the configuration of the river and its source, which can Fool the most meticulous Explorer with a new unknown knowledge and discovery.  After any Mountain Rain and there can appear a New Flood of Water and a Channel that was previously Dry and Hidden, and now suddenly becomes a new unexplored flow of the whole river and in a new height maybe, in some miraculous way, a new source of the river on another Mountain! The River is the Channel and the Channel is the River.

Where does it Begin? Look up my friends and Look where the Clouds come and form the Rain to
flow down in the Channel. 

One day it is there and visible!

  • Friend Tazo October 21, 2022 10:06

    This speaks so much to my soul (even though I wrote it! Funny right?) - Inspired Poets like me listen and hear thoughts as FLOWING LIFE-SPIRIT-WATER or Aquarius, the water bearer. My soul I am as a river of art-Knowledge. Celebrate with me today, the rains and the spring my Mother found in her desert womb.

    Today is October 21st the day I was born into this world.

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