October 2022 — STORIES OF THE SOUL

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Tazo Records First CD During the Harmonic Concordance of 2003

The Harmonic Concordance of 2003
At 8:13 pm EST a geometrically perfect six sided, Star of David, configuration appeared in the sky, linking and balancing the energies of six astrological bodies; the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon.

My Part as the Flutist-Musician and the Story

In the Fall of 2003 I performed in San Francisco to create my 1st CD recording with flute and Crystal bowls.  The CD was to be later called The Crystal Portal. A portal opening it was too! It was a very auspicious moment, the Full Moon of November 8th eclipsed the Sun on the 17th Degree of Scorpio with six planetary bodies, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, and the Moon.

My Part in the Further Unfolding of the Story

A little group of musicians began their journey northward from San Diego to record a crystal bowl ceremony at 6:00PM PST at the moment of the Harmonic Concordance. I was among them as the guest performer flautist, and it was to be my first recorded album in a music studio in San Fransisco. Getting up at dawn, we had to make the 400-mile journey north in order to arrive before 5:30 PM and set up for our stellar performance beginning at the moment of the eclipse.  This was an opening, a ripple in time, and for me, it was the blessing of my New Beginning as a Poet writing the streaming of Words down, for at that time there was also a Beautiful flame of love had formed inside my heart. It illumined my inner world with colorful light!   The once dark corners of my soul were now seen in Phosphorescent colors; I was a Musician on the Flute, but now I picked up the guitar and wrote my words into songs!  My perceptions of internal and external things also began to change. I began to write books and journals and filled over 30 before long, and then it continued until 60! I was deeply moved and stirred by the spiritual streaming into me as words of a deep wisdom filled the inner spaces with the voices of wisdom !

As it was, according to Rudolf Steiner, it was the co-ordinates of the resurrection day of Osiris, and for me it was the day when inspirations poured into my soul like flowing rivers of music and consciousness. Was I the channel of Osiris or Isis? Was the ancient spirit still around and want to be heard today? Perhaps.

I recorded this journey in my songs and many journals that  to grew to as many as two books in a month! And then, 12 years or more the flow of inspirations expanded to over 1000 Theme Lectures! The inspirations still continue today!  I realized I was dumped out upon an ocean....an Ocean Knowledge

The Harmonic Portal Opening

"I felt the Portal opening and I felt was mysteriously connected with it. I felt it through the music as the music was suddenly streaming down into my soul. There was no doubt in my experience a portal had indeed opened and I was the CHANNEL. I heard it, I felt it, I lisented to it, and it did not stop for many MONTHS after that. It definitely came from a heavenly source and configuration. I could feel the entire opening. I searched everyday after that for an answer and since I am an Anthroposophist student of Spiritual Science, the answe came while reading a lecture in a book by Rudolf Steiner. I read this: "The resurrection day of Osiris is on the 18th degree of Scorpio, when there is a FULL MOON, and an Eclipse...." my first reaction was this, my thoughts expressed disappointment "what does that mean?" I wanted to know for some reason, I felt I needed to know, "who is ever going to figure that out? So why did he (Rudolf Steiner) write it here? He must have had a reason, but who would ever connect the co-ordinates to some life event?!" I slammed the book and put it down, and went into meditation. Then I heard: "calculate it...." and sure enough it was the exact day and time of the Harmonic Concordance of 2003. Now the noted Anthroposophist Walter Stein wrote in his notes something that he got directly from Rudolf Steiner. It has to do with important facts that they thought would occur in 2002-2003. " Tazo


Were you waiting for a soul to tell the ancient story again?  Then you have it here in my work We may never know for certain, but the inspirations clearly left a trail worthy of a POET in the modern times. Have people forgotten the Poets then? And what they are? Analysts of literature have noted that the LAST POET in the old traditional way like Lawrence or Byron, Goethe, Novalis, was Robert Brown, author of the White Goddess.

The journey had all been on a Mountain river that flowed into a great sea and had taken me to the grandest wisdom, the Sea of Wisdom...

Study My Lectures and You Will Experience Something Amazing!  Put Your Name in Below and Hit SEND!

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#1 - Spirits of the Sunset

#2 - Pondering the Night

Song played, recorded, and composed by the Flautist Tazo