The Three Paths of Knowledge


There are three paths which confront the human being of today. The path into the material world - the path away from the material - and the path through nature. In the first path, mankind is led into the temptations of the material world and over time evolves resistance to the material and is aptly described as the path of knowledge through suffering and pain.

The path away the physical world is a path of knowledge and spirituality. It has much less pain, but offers little in warmth of being, and is also cold and heartless. It has many advantages to, over the path into the the material realms. It gives a knowledge of creation as it allows the soul to contemplate all that is design and architecture that all things had their origins. This path is the path of original principles and is a worthy path of knowledge but the earth and the creation of it, the events in it, and what occurs are still outside of this experience. This is the path of the intellectual.

Then there is the 3rd path. It is the spiritual path of nature. In this path one is required to strip the soul down to the clearest and finest of thoughts, will, feelings, and perceptions. It is to pass through the mineral, through the crystal, to move into the the place where the light has gone, this the soul of the aspirant alchemist rosicrucian student follows.

This path is to awaken the slumbering spirituality in the soul and to awaken and teach it the power of experience of the paths of suffering and pain. This soul becomes the child of the older soul of itself. The two converse inside the being, and seek goals of learning between them. The world of spirit opens before them and they reveal to each other worlds that form from them. The soul creates out of itself being and nature. The 3rd path is the path of the Alchemist-Rosicrucian.

Posted: August 4, 2017

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