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The Secret Power of Spiritual Conceptions Theme Audio Book Series

12 Recorded Episodes, includes popup notes, Q&A Chat and Group Discussion Zoom.

By Ordering this Audio Book Theme Series These recordings will be available in our Online Listening Center for 5 Weeks. Once enrolled A year (study) extension or renewal is $75.

After your order your account is setup and your login credentials will be sent to your email. Your Audio Book Class Lessons will be hosted at The Rosenkreutz Spiritual Knowledge Center

These are recorded transmissions of live sessions given at the Rosenkreutz Spiritual Knowledge Center.

About the Author and Channel Tazo

What is a Channel of the Spirit? 
Channeling - just in case you want to know - is:
Channel - Verb: to use your energy, ability, feelings, or ideas for a particular purpose. Channel something into something: She channeled all her energies into her career. Synonyms and related words. To use something, or to be used."

Spiritual Channel or Spiritual Intelligence?

Tazo is a living Channel of Spiritual Intelligence. Tazo is at certain times a soul vehicle or 'Channel' of higher spiritual beings and at other special times the soul bodies of Tazo are permeated by Cosmic Intelligence. Both avenues of spiritual connection occur quit often within the soul of Tazo, and that makes his talent for spiritual wisdom so special to everyone that knows him and comes to experience it. It is quite natural in fact, a close  friend commented thus: "Other than a slight change of the light emanating form his eyes, you wouldn't know that he is being permeated, but once you know what to look for, then it is quite visibly present."

The Library

These recordings are loved and studied by a very small number of persons who attended the transmissions. Now you can get them for your personal or group esoteric spiritual studies! Due to the internet and advances of modern recording technology they are available in the closest possible form to the original - it is just like being there!

The History of the Inspirations and Transmissions!

These inspiration for the transmissions began in 2006, when Tazo was given the task by spiritual beings to clarify the aether, astral, and ego bodies of men and their connection to spiritual nature. These were given in 48 recordings, and are considered to be gems of spiritual knowledge. Now there are over 1000 recordings which are a huge treasure of wisdom, and one of the largest libraries of spiritual knowledge ever Channeled. Another 1st with these recordings, as they are the first of their kind in the modern era and contain certain comments on the modern scientific views, mathematics of the spiritual bodies, and a visionary and at times clearly prophetic, futuristic view of life.

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