The Three Paths of Knowledge


There are three paths which confront the human being of today. The 1st path leads into the material world without resistence; to 'let the chips fall as they will'. In the first path, men are led by their passions into the temptations of the material world.  Over time, the soul evolves resistance to the material as it experiences ever increasing dullness of the senses and a waning of enjoyment of the material substances life offers. The soul ends up in utter darkness, not knowing, having no knowledge of what comes after death, nor how the spirit works in the soul to transform it - of this it has no knowledge - and may even reject any such knowledge exists. This soul does not know the darkness of its inner soul nature. As the material light wanes, the pain of the soul increases as the light diminishes as it approaches death.

The 2nd path is away the physical world to form a mental-intellectual and reflective soul of life, knowledge and spirituality. It has much less pain than the path through materiality, but it offers little in warmth of being, and may condition the soul in a cold and heartless way. It has many advantages over the path into of the material realm, as it gives  knowledge of life and a deep wisdom of being. It allows the soul to contemplate all that is design and architecture that all things had their origins. This path is the path of elemental principles and is a worthy path of knowledge. This is the path of the intellectual.

The 3rd path is the spiritual path of nature. In this path one is required to strip the soul down to the clearest and finest of thoughts, to pure desire, pure feelings, and pure perceptions. It is to pass through the elemental realms of fire, earth, air, and water. The soul passes through the crystal, and moves over the water, sees the invisible germinal bodies in air, and lives in a bubble of light, soul and color. This soul is able to master change and transformation through the four elemental realms.

Posted: August 4, 2017

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