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Welcome to a world world of beautiful music by Eugene Passofaro. Eugene Passofaro, flautist, composer and philosopher musician.

Eugene plays for private events, and composes customer music recordings for special occasions, and events. Have you ever thought of presenting an original composer to the one you love but don't have the skill? Before you had to settle for the same old thing... a box of candy or something like that. But Eugene can do a song, or an entire 60m CD devouted to your beloved! Hire Eugene to compose it, perform it, and reproduce it. Eugene works often on commission work for special situations, healing, meditation, love, and whatever is important to you. Some of Eugene's private students commission CDs to be made and distributed for them. A great idea, and one that is unique in our world today. and you will have a 'constant comment' product that will also shine in your life. But you can also get this music just as always, as a download, or have it on a CD or flash disk.