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In addition to everything you see at, there is our International School of Wisdom. All our studies come with optional free enrollment online! A whole new world of learning awaits everyone at ; "Seek the door and ask to enter" a saying of the wise.

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You are invited to Enroll in our online school with classes on many many subjects based on modern spirituality. Philosophy,psychology, religion, history, and science are wonderfully combined in Tazo's lectures and classes, music and poetry. You can join with our other students and discover our community at the online study center Temple Osiris.

The trust developed between student and teacher forms the foundation for all studies. The pains of following fruitless paths that present illusion after illusion leads to a heartless knowing and a fruitless, cold knowledge.

Growing numbers of people are filled with a socially tormenting and heartless knowledge. It would have been better that those stayed away from the study of the Rosicrucian wisdom than to find their soul riddled in heartless ways of acting - like a worm eating through a tree.

Those that study at Temple Osiris have been given to understand the first principle of learning is based on trust and fellowship. Then spiritual development will begin and a sure reliable path will have been found.

Reviews of the Teachings of Tazo

The reader will find Tazo a worthy companion for the long journey ahead." Edward Reagh Smith author of David's Question and The Burning Bush

"Listening to the Immortal Consciousness of the Spirit of Nature wow! This makes me want to develop the artist inside and write poetry thank you. I will ask spirit to flow through me as I know that's why I'm here to share and express love."
A Student

"This Work Is Like The Library of Alexandria - except it is modern!"
Steven Spengler

"A Work Like This Will Last For Centuries"
Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa - Hollywood Actor/Action Film Star

" Thank you. I was just listening to the 1st lecture of the new series - Prophets, Legends, and Prophecies - and was completely stunned with the explanation of the woman and the scarlet beast - the blood -the people. I have worked with the Book of Revelation for a long time but this and other truths you bring out of it are astounding. Nothing will ever be the same after listening to these series of teachings.I remember when I was 18 and starting TM, I felt a gentle loving breeze come through my soul as if to say in this lifetime I could find what my soul thirsted for the most - but TM was not the answer. I feel like you said in The Desert Initiates that I have been in the desert for a long time - even with Anthroposophy. Now there is living water."

Robert Brock, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Lindsey Wilson College