About the School

Tell Me More About the On-Line School ....

Our online studies are located at The Rosenkreutz Institute Online. But before you visit the school, perhaps first learn about why we are so well loved by our students before you enroll in a course? The school can be rather confusing due to size and unfamiliarity. Want to know more, read below? See if this sounds good to you.

The first thing we want to point out is that our school is for an artistic and psychological, mystical, and spiritual learning. Our students love the atmosphere of freedom, and the design frameworks of our studies. Students discover and create the truths from within and learn through trial and error what is good, and also what is bad. With this method, there is a strengthening of the soul nature to accomplish and succeed in its own creations. Time and space become internal and externally understood applications of our nature expressing itself in life and over time. Truth and morality are the engines, the power, the strength, and even the elements of the living self and the soul it shares with with others weaves together in bonds of appreciation, wisdom, and understanding.

There is a constant flowing of inspirational lectures to fill the content of the school with new study materials. As time changes, or the soul changes, then new insights, perspectives, and information make everything learned before to become fresh and new again with each new revelation.

We create and use poetry, painted sculptures, artistic creations, and music compositions, and poetic constructions regularly to deepen our experiences of the lectures presented in the courses.

Courses are usually 12 lectures long. A course includes interactive notes and word definitions that have been created for our school. Our word and people dictionary can be a delightful journey from concept to concept through all the ages from ancient China, or the modern discoveries in math or music.

Our private library of audio studies for our students is much larger than presented here. Students can select from around 3000 audio studies of nearly every topic imaginable!

Enrolling in a course is easy, try the Secret Special Course (if its not sold out this month!) for the best special we offer, and in a short time you will be online and seeing what our school is all about!

Thank you for reading!

Please post any questions here if you have them!