Alchemy & The Marriage of the Lamb

August 8, 2017

In the traditions, legends and stories surrounding the more esoteric imagery of the gospels is the marriage of the lamb. And what does this signify specifically for us today to understand and grasp this? All myths and stories of importance in literature have to be veiled in a language or imagery. Those that can grasp the meaning are able to do so, but those that are not ready to understand cannot. But there are always those who wish to know and are pure and devoted to the path of development of their spiritual side, and need to be given insights in our to comprehend what is hidden behind the images.

In this this story of the marriage of the lamb, it is quite obvious the author does not intend us to believe that the celestial goddess of the earth, namely Venus, or Helen, or whom-ever is the deva of the our present considerations, or world, but clearly, as something of immense importance, or it would not be so deeply hidden from our discovering the meaning by stumbling upon it! Yes, it is the greatest of meanings! For consider that there is an oblivion between grasping the reality, the harsh reality of creation in this way as in the way of a literalist? Then what is the expectation of that outcome....of the marriage of a woman to a lamb. Some will offer this idea, the lamb is the symbol of the sacrifice, so to speak, of god's son and so forth, or to add to the concepts 'purity' and 'white' symbolizing the fresh new born condition. But then there is to consider the 'animal' nature, what about that? The animal nature in the form of a lamb in a human male (as we must assume the lamb is not the female partner of this marriage) would have all of the portions of a typial male going backwards and upside down! No male wants to be a lamb? Or do they? Well, in respect of the marriage, perhaps for time.....but it all must, needs to go back to the idea of the sacrifice of something from the realm of the gods, that is male, and is grown to be able to marry. A mature being, a god even, that is ready to be sacrificed.....for marriage? So this story has everything wrong about it for sure!

But as we scratch our heads, and wrack our brains, we still demand even more than ever! What does this story mean? What is the author getting at? What does he want us to see?

I invite your comments.

Eugene Passofaro